About Silentium

The Silentium Design Team has been the creative force behind designs branded as GKG.


Silentium Designs understands that first impressions count. We create a site to attract and keep your customers interested in you and away from your competition.


Make your site your calling card. Take advantage of your website and have it become the most powerful marketing tool for your business. Silentium's design team will begin the process by incorporating elements that will best highlight your services. We work with you from beginning to end by keeping in constant communication.


The Silentium Design Process:

  • Initial meeting with you, to discuss your business goals and ideas
  • We will then provide you with a FREE custom quote.
  • Silentium's design team will create a custom look and feel that highlights your business needs.
  • New look and feel is presented to you for any stylistic changes.
  • If needed, the design is refined.
  • Site is created accordingly and tested for accuracy.
  • Your account representative will do a final run-through of your new site with you.
  • Once approved, your site will launch.


To add extra pizzazz to your site, talk to your account representative about adding Flash. Our designers are experts in Adobe Flash and are able to create a visually appealing website that captivates your audience and gives the site a more exciting presence.

We invite you to contact us for a free web development quote to learn how we can put our web design expertise to work for you.


Silentium Designs also works hand in hand with our sister companies to offer you more services...



IntelliThreat offers Network Security.


NameChicken.com exists to provide all your domain and hosting needs.

Domain Services include registration, transfers, bulk registration, and renewals while hosting plans range from personal to corporate levels. You can even purchase SSL Certificates to keep your business website protected.



IntelliThreat NameChicken.com